January 20, 2014


Hello guys, how are you? I am back to base. A little sad i must say and tired. I woke up very early today to get ready and to catch the plane to Thessaloniki. Anyway . What can i say about Rome?! I just had a blast. I didn't know how much i could walk until now. Haha. Me and Anestis walked about 6 hours per day with a break for coffee or shopping. You see amazing monuments and statues everywhere you go,thats the main reason you are never bored  to walk around Rome the eternal city, cause you're gonna see something amazing! I remember us walking downtown the day before yesterday wanting to go for coffee somewhere new and out of nowhere we bumped onto Pantheon!A huuuuge amazing ancient building was ahead of us. We were looking like stupid like "where was this building hiding?". Then we sat for coffee at that "piazza" with the sounds of classic music cause someone played the cello.The creepiest thing ever but at the same time the most amazing!So if you haven't been to Rome before and you love art,pizza,pasta and cappuccino (haha) go without a second thought!Stay alarmed for more photos! Buenanotte!