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February 15, 2015


 Once upon a time there was a girl with dreams in her eyes and bows on her hair..She was a beautiful dreamer,the kind of girl who kept her head in the clouds,loved above the stars and she was willing to burn for everything she has ever loved...

//Μια φορα και εναν καιρο ηταν ενα κοριτσι με ονειρα στα ματια της και φιογκους στα μαλλια της..Ηταν αφανταστα ονειροπολα,το ειδος του ανθρωπου που εχει το βλεμμα στον ουρανο, αγαπαει περα απο τα αστερια και ειναι προθυμη να κανει τα παντα για ο,τι αγαπαει...

I am wearing:
Midi Skirt/Shoes:Bershka

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

February 11, 2015


Hello my beautiful readers!Hope everything is great.About a week ago i've been asked to give an interview for this amazing Athens based fashion site.Of course i said yes!I've been snooping around this site for a while now so i was pretty excited when asked.So if you want to know why i started my blog,what is fashion for me,what piece shouldn't miss from our wardrobes et can snoop around too HERE.I hope you like!

//Καλησπερα ομορφοι μου αναγνωστες!Ελπιζω να ειστε καλα. Πριν μια εβδομαδα μου προτειναν να δωσω συνεντευξη γι'αυτο το υπεροχο site μοδας με βαση την Αθηνα.Φυσικα και δεχτηκα!Παρακολουθω το συγκεκριμενο site εδω και καιρο, οποτε μπορειτε να φανταστειτε τον ενθουσιασμο μου οταν μου εκαναν την προταση. Αν λοιπον θελετε να μαθετε γιατι ξεκινησα το fashion blogging,τι σημαινει μοδα για μενα,τι δεν πρεπει να λειπει απο την ντουλαπα μιας γυναικας κλπ...μπορειτε να δειτε ΕΔΩ.Eλπιζω να σας αρεσει!

November 14, 2014


Hey friends!Finally,it's Friyayyy!Believe it or not all these photos were taken before the sun sets! We were running last minute because we kept forgetting something behind. We found by chance this amazing spot with some sun between the buildings and said "this is it". If the result is good we thought "we will keep shooting if not we'll go".Luckily the result justified the whole "chasing the sun" effort!
For this outfit post i chose to wear this new favourite piece of mine.The white sweater.I love the white color when it comes to sweaters and besides you can combine it with a-ny-thing.
I chose to wear it with my ripped jeans and a pair of leopard and latest obsession of mine slip ons.More points for the key pieces like the back pack,the gold bracelet and my oh so favourite round sunnies!What do you think?

I'm wearing:



Slip ons:Tally Weijl


Back pack:H&M

Photos:Anestis Kiosses