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November 13, 2014


Those days remind me so much of the first day me and Anestis spent in Rome. I crave so much these days now that the weather is cloudy and gloomy. This town is so creepy when it's dark but also beautiful in a mysterious kind of way which is exactly what makes it so unique.These pictures were taken by Anestis from his iphone5.Sometimes a good angle is all you need huh? Unfortunately we didn't take the camera with us but sometime in the future i definitely will somewhere hidden of course.There is nothing more that i hate when people know i'm a tourist and want to get advantage of me.

  1. Tevere
  2. Pantheon
  3. Piazza Vittorio
  4. Tevere

October 24, 2014


Hello there! I found this photo from last February dressed up all cozy and stuff!It got so cold,gloomy,rainy and windy out there!I don't even feel like going out to buy a chocolate or something to drink!It gets worse though!I have to delay my trip for a day cause work got cancelled for today and moved for tomorrow!So, i have to leave on Sunday morning.I hate delays so much but it's an oppurtunity to tidy my closet which is still mixed up with my Summer clothes!What are you gonna do today?


I'm wearing:Beanie:Accessorize//Aviator jacket:Tally Weijl,both bought in Rome

February 12, 2014


How? Of course through photography. It needs only a click to capture that exact moment. That's how you stop time. You will never get to be younger or older from the second you shoot a picture and i think that's the magic of it and that's why you gotta love photography.
These are some pictures i took when i was at Rome.

January 20, 2014


Hello guys, how are you? I am back to base. A little sad i must say and tired. I woke up very early today to get ready and to catch the plane to Thessaloniki. Anyway . What can i say about Rome?! I just had a blast. I didn't know how much i could walk until now. Haha. Me and Anestis walked about 6 hours per day with a break for coffee or shopping. You see amazing monuments and statues everywhere you go,thats the main reason you are never bored  to walk around Rome the eternal city, cause you're gonna see something amazing! I remember us walking downtown the day before yesterday wanting to go for coffee somewhere new and out of nowhere we bumped onto Pantheon!A huuuuge amazing ancient building was ahead of us. We were looking like stupid like "where was this building hiding?". Then we sat for coffee at that "piazza" with the sounds of classic music cause someone played the cello.The creepiest thing ever but at the same time the most amazing!So if you haven't been to Rome before and you love art,pizza,pasta and cappuccino (haha) go without a second thought!Stay alarmed for more photos! Buenanotte!