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July 2, 2015


Hey guys!Just came back  from a coffee with my bffs!It's been sometime since we saw eachother especially my best friend Stella who i've missed so much! So cozy! Today also i received several stuff and among everything these amazing make up brushes!Of course i used them today and they give such an amazing finish!Maybe i'll make a video for you or a make up photo series?You know i kinda suck making videos!Kisses! xx 

//Γεια σας παιδια!Μολις γυρισα απο εναν καφε με τους κολλητους!Περασε λιγος καιρος απο οταν βρεθηκαμε ολοι μαζι ειδικα απο οταν ειδα την φιλη μου την Στελλα που ειχα να την δω αιωνες!Οποτε με χαροποιησε το συγκεκριμενο γεγονος.Σημερα επισης παρελαβα διαφορα πραγματα και αναμεσα τους και αυτα τα υπεροχα πινελα για το μακιγιαζ.Βασικα τωρα μαθαινω να βαφομαι με πινελα οποτε σημερα πειραματιστηκα πρωτη φορα .Η αληθεια ειναι πως το αποτελεσμα ηταν τελειο.Ισως φτιαξω ενα βιντεακι για εσας η μια σειρα απο φωτογραφιες με το καθημερινο μου μακιγιαζ?Ξερετε οτι δεν ειμαι και τοσο καλη στο να φτιαχνω βιντεακια ποσο μαλλον να τα μονταρω!Φιλακια! xx

ColorShine make up brushes:Milanoo (HERE)

January 20, 2015


Hello guys how are you?Me not so well,i got a little sick lately.Luckily i don't have any fever right now..Pff..Anyway this time we will talk about nails obviously!I know that i am not an expert or anything but

November 13, 2014


Those days remind me so much of the first day me and Anestis spent in Rome. I crave so much these days now that the weather is cloudy and gloomy. This town is so creepy when it's dark but also beautiful in a mysterious kind of way which is exactly what makes it so unique.These pictures were taken by Anestis from his iphone5.Sometimes a good angle is all you need huh? Unfortunately we didn't take the camera with us but sometime in the future i definitely will somewhere hidden of course.There is nothing more that i hate when people know i'm a tourist and want to get advantage of me.

  1. Tevere
  2. Pantheon
  3. Piazza Vittorio
  4. Tevere

August 28, 2014


I've been using these products for 2-3 weeks but it's time to make that review isn't it?
Unfortunately i couldn't wear any of this on an outfit (you wouldn't understand jack squat) post so this is the only way.
The truth is that lately you see Nyx Cosmetics everywhere and why not? Many fashion bloggers are collaborating and advertising Nyx Cosmetics the time we speak. Like me! Haha!
Anyway i want to say the truth  and i don't wanna be fake like other bloggers who expect to win something so my opinion will be objective about all these products one by one.
At least the ones they sent me.

  1. Push up bra for your eyebrow: Thumbs up for this highlighter. It does exactly what it says.The highlighter on the one side gives the illusion of a more arched eyebrow. What i didn't like on this pencil is the brow pencil on the other side. The colour just didn't fit on my brows maybe another who buys it will like it i did't cause it didn't fit my brows.Sorry.
  2. CC2 Matte brown liner: This brown pencil is amazing.I actually use this everyday to make my eyes bigger by using it under my eyes where the lashes are and on my brows (yeah that worked) and you know what?It lasts for hours!
  3. Nyc cosmetics make up artist brush:So among all the stuff Nyx Cosmetics Greece sent me there was a make up artist brush too.A small one maybe to use it with the eyeshadow they sent me.In the beginning i was thrilled and i wanted to use it that instant but then i was dissapointed because several hair came off when i was doing my make up which made my life miserable at that moment cause i couldn't complete my make up with little hair all over my face. So thumbs down for this brush.
  4. Nyx  O5 Charcoal Pearl Eyeshadow from the Ultra Pearl Mania Series:Amazing eyeshadow for the ones that love them i am not a big fan but i used that once before i go out. It lasted for hours. A little tip dip your brush into water to make your make up more intense and dramatic.
  5. Nyx PB29 Amber Blush: Another product that i loved from Nyx Cosmetics. I use it everyday and i think this blush is a color that looks good on every skin. Αlso the texture is so soft and amazing that you will love it!
  6. Νyx Megashine Lip Gloss: I expected more color from this lipgloss and it isn't so colorish as it seems on the picture but it smells wonderfull and it gives shine like every lip gloss on the market. 

I hope you enjoyed the review guys. Nyx Cosmetics has really good products (and professional) and the prices are really good. You can find them in Ermou 65 Thessaloniki and online (here) .
Have a nice day!

July 21, 2014


I have to admit. I've always been curious about trying this product in particular but now i am double excited cause i am doing it for a review too! And i swear to tell nothing but the truth, amen! 3 days ago a bottle of collagen pro-active arrived at my doorstep. At a first look i saw a nice bottle which is nothing than a multivitamin supplement which mean no harm but will it do any good?Let's see in a few weeks!