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January 9, 2015


Hello guys how are you?I feel great.I don't know why.But these days i have so much positive energy in me and i don't know even why?!Isn't that strange?Positivity is also one of my new year's resolutions.Also another one is to don't get upset with things and people that will and cannot change.I hope that i will stick to it no matter what.So this is me 2 or 3 days ago.Sporty yet chic and comfy most of all.And don't think of the checked wrapped around the waist, shirt as only an accessory,if you're cold when you're out get it off your waist and wear it as another layer like i did to protect from the cold.Hugs.

//Γεια σας!Πως ειστε?Εγω νιωθω παρα πολυ καλα.Δεν ξερω γιατι αλλα αυτες τις μερες εχω μια ανεξηγητη θετικη ενεργεια.Δεν ειναι παραξενο?!Το να ειμαι θετικη γενικα ειναι και μια απο τις αποφασεις μου για τη νεα χρονια, οπως και το να μη δινω σημασια σε πραγματα και σε ανθρωπους που δεν μπορουν να αλλαξουν.Ελπιζω να την τηρησω.Αυτα λοιπον φορουσα 2 η 3 μερες πριν.Καπως αθλητικη αλλα χωρις να χανω ιχνος του στυλ.Ποιος θα το φανταζοταν οτι θα φορουσα αθλητικα για να βγω εξω για καφε?Αν μου το ελεγαν παλιοτερα η μονη μου απαντηση θα ηταν "δεν πας καλα".Και μη νομιζετε πως το καρο πουκαμισο γυρω απο τη μεση ειναι μονο διακοσμητικο,αν ειστε εξω και νιωσετε πως κρυωνετε βγαλτε το και φορεστε το χωρις δισταγμο.Hugs.

I'm wearing:
Beanie:Boy London
Aviator Jacket:Tally Weijl

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

October 26, 2014


I am on the road to Alexandroupoli finally!I hate to leave the blog empty for days.I am thinking filling the gaps with some lifestyle-everyday posts but this time with some high quality photos and not with i-phone ones.I hope you like them! ^_^
These photos are taken from the first time i went to Alexandroupoli with my boyfriend!I remember that day...We were done with an outfit photoshoot (from the first professional ones i uploaded on the blog) and we went for a coffee near the sea.
Such an amazing view on that day...
The colours of the Sunset were magical along with the island of Samothrace.

September 22, 2014


 Hello friends? How are you? I am great! More than great actually! Finally got to spend some time with my beloved boyfriend at Alexandroupoli where these photos are taken.
Meanwhile i will study here during my stay because more exams are waiting for me at home.Poor me.
Despite this fact i will try and shoot some more outfits for you here since Anestis is such an amazing photographer and there are so many beautiful spots here!
So this is a more Autumn-ish outfit since it gets colder and colder especially during nights. I am even wearing a jacket when i go out. I may am a Summerish person but i kinda feel excited for Autumn and Winter. New things ahead right?I hope you like!


I'm wearing:

Shoulder bag:Chanel
Sweater:Boy London
Skirt:Cento Jeans (HERE)
Cut out ankle boots:Stradivarius
Sunglasses:Wize&Ope (HERE)

Photos:Anestis Kiosses

March 12, 2014


One of my favourite outfits that i wanted to show you for some time now but the weather didn't help at all.
Today it was so amazingly sunny so finally here's my chance! I hope you like!

I'm wearing:

Leather studded jacket:Pull&Bear
Sweater:Boy London
Skater skirt:Bershka
Shoulder bag:Chanel
Cut out ankle boots:Stradivarius