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August 25, 2015


This is how i looked yesterday when i took a little walk and a cup of coffee downtown with my bff Konstantinos.We also shot an outfit post that i will upload here soon!I am so busy these days studying so i will shoot posts when i have time between the exams that come soon and when i find good locations.So this is my everyday bag solution.It's not new i own it about 2 and something years and i couldn't love more.It's quite big to fit all my sh*t haha, my huuuge camera,my cosmetics,hairbrush,keys et cetera.Yes i take all these things with me just in case,plus i feel safe.It's a carpisa and looks more expensive than actually is.I think about buying more of these babes.My one and only designer bag, a chanel 2.55 is really nice and a gift from my lovely bae (i could never afford it for now at least) but i am scared taking with me all the time in case it get scratches or gets ruined.Plus where the f**k does the camera go?On my shoulder again?Haha'

//Ετσι ημουν χτες οταν πηγα μια μικρη βολτα με τον κολλητο μου και για εναν καφε στο κεντρο.Βγαλαμε και φωτογραφιες για post που θα ανεβασω συντομα εδω!Ειμαι τοσο απασχολημενη αυτες τις μερες με το διαβασμα οποτε για ενα μηνα περιπου θα προσπαθω να βγαζω φωτογραφιες αναμεσα στις εξετασεις και οταν βρισκω καμια ωραια τοποθεσια.Αυτη που λετε ειναι η τσαντα που παιρνω σχεδον καθε μερα μαζι μου.Δεν ειναι καινουρια καθως την εχω 2 χρονια και κατι και δεν μπορουσε να με βολεψει περισσοτερο!Ειναι αρκετα μεγαλη για να χωραει ολα μου τα πραγματα οπως την καμερα (που ειναι ολοκληρη κουμουτσα),το νεσεσερ καλυντικων,την χτενα μου,τα κλειδια μου και λοιπα.Ναι κουβαλαω ολα αυτα μαζι μου,γιατι απλα ποτε δεν ξερεις και ετσι νιωθω ασφαλης παρολο που μπορει να μη τα χρησιμοποιησω.Η τσαντα ειναι carpisa και δειχνει πιο ακριβη απο οσο πραγματικα ειναι.Σκεφτομαι να αγορασω περισσοτερες τσαντες αυτης της μαρκας καθως εκτος απο απιστευτη ποιοτητα(για να αντεξε μαζι μου...) ειναι και τερμα οικονομικες.Μη με παρεξηξησετε λατρευω την Chanel 2.55 και δωρο απο το αγορι μου (γιατι δεν θα μπορουσα ποτε να την αγορασω τουλαχιστον για την ωρα) αλλα φοβαμαι να την παιρνω συνεχεια μαζι μου σε περιπτωση που γρατζουνιστει η χαλασει.Εκτος απο αυτο που στο διαολο θα παει η καμερα?Παλι στον ωμο μου?Χαχα'

November 2, 2014


Hello friends!Missed me?I certainly did! I am back to base until the next time. I am in a long distance relationship so this is kind  of a reality to me and some of you i guess. For the time being it is going suprisingly well. I don't leave negative thoughts go through my mind and even when i do i am trying to convince myself  that as long as there is LOVE anything is possible.We will talk about this matter in another post but one last thing if something distant comes up and it is strong don't leave it for something that it is close and weak.
So this is me the last day before i depart for my city.A total sporty/traveling look by combining my favourite dark blue shiny PCP leggings and my favourite sweater from Ivyrevel.I seriously live in this Kingston sweater. Anyway.The only day we could take some photos was the last day before i go home.So unfair. I've been longing to take some photos there but  next time i guess.
These i-phone photos turned well though!
Thank goodness!
I hope you like!

I'm wearing:

Aviator Jacket:Tally Weijl
Shoulder bag:Carpisa

January 14, 2014


Hello guys how are you?  I am fine. Better than fine actually. I can't wait for January 16th to come cause i am flying to Rome with my boyfriend! We would go on last Christmas but i was really sick as i told you so we cancelled it.
Did you notice the change on my blog? I think it's better than before. More minimal.
What do you think? Let me know!

Here i'm wearing:
Jeans:BSB ripped by my Bff Konstantinos
Sneakers:All Star/Converse