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December 24, 2014


The little black dress.Something that absolutely must exist in every girl's wardrobe.It's a must girls and it's a life saviour when you don't know what to wear. A little black dtess can be always an amazing solution to every occasion from work to a night out and you can always look chic.In this post i combine the LBD with the most classic way,with a pair of black pointy heels.You can also match with a pair of black over the knee boots,ankle boots or a pair of black bluchers the way i like it this season.Merry Christmas to all and don't forget it's my nameday tomorrow!Hehe!Xo.

//Το μικρο μαυρο φορεμα.Κατι που δεν πρεπει να λειπει απο την  ντουλαπα μας.Ειναι must κοριτσια και μπορει να μας σωσει οταν δεν ξερουμε τι να φορεσουμε η οπως μας αρεσει να λεμε,οταν δεν εχουμε τι να φορεσουμε!Ενα μαυρο φορεμα μπορει να αποτελεσει την λυση σε καθε περισταση απο την δουλεια μεχρι μια εξοδο και παντα θα δειχνετε chic χωρις κοπο αλλα τροπο.Σε αυτο το post συνδυασα το LBD με τον πιο κλασσικο τροπο που μπορει να υπαρξει,με ενα ζευγαρι μαυρες γοβες.Μπορειτε επισης να το συνδυασετε με μαυρες μποτες πανω απο το γονατο,χαμηλα μποτακια η με ενα ζευγαρι bluchers οπως μου αρεσει εμενα αυτη τη περιοδο.Καλα Χριστουγεννα σε ολους και μη με ξεχασετε αυριο που ειναι η γιορτη μου!Χεχε!Φιλια.

I'm wearing:

Photos:Konstantinos Tolis

November 11, 2014


I just love total black outfits when it comes to Autumn/Winter. This is not a total black outfit though.In this post i am featuring my 4 all time favourite things. Black,leather,slip ons and long line jackets!
All these 4 together are a faultless recipe!You can tone up the outfit later for a drink or whatever you want by changing into some black pointed high heels and voila!
Until the next time...

I'm wearing:
Long line duster jacket:Ax Paris
Leather pants:H&M
Slip ons:Tally Weijl
Shoulder bag:Chanel

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

August 17, 2014


Remember when i told you that i had no idea what to wear yesterday at my friend's pre-wedding party? I did! Yahyyy! Here is a photo before we enter the place where all the feast, the drinking and the dancing took place. I chose the solution of a white shirt and a maxi black skirt with split on the side. So simple yet so elegant don't you think? One of the most brilliant ideas i had lately i must admit.XoXo.

I'm wearing:

White Shirt:Stradivarius
Maxi Skirt:Bershka
Shoulder bag:Chanel

April 12, 2013

One fine day

Pastel Sunglasses:Tiger
Shoulder bag:H&M
Boyfriend baggy jeans:Bershka
Ankle boots:Bershka
Headband:I really don't remember! 
I think from a store next to hondos centre at aristotelous