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November 7, 2014


Hello loves!As i told you before yesterday i attended the fashion moods A/W  fashion show at mediterranean cosmos.I didn't like it much to tell you the truth. Yes i was a bit late but i just wanted to watch the catwalk which lasted about 10 minutes more or less.The models almost run across the runway!So i didn't know what to do first take some snaps for here or upload something on my instagram account.Eventually i did both cause what the heck i didn't get paid to say my opinion but even so i would say the truth.So i went,i saw,i left,the end!Of course there were some things that i liked about the whole event and these were the models, especially the one who resembled so much Cara Delevingne but in a taller version,the be-a-utiful Hostess Vicky Xatzivasileiou and the small gathering afterwards with some blogger/fellows.

November 6, 2014


Goodmorning lovelies(i know it's not morning but with so many clouds it feels like one)!I am such in a great mood today!In fact i woke up early and today is a full day so i guess that's why!First thing in the morning a cup of coffee at my friend's place Gogo then i had to go to the bank to get  over with something finally (you are gonna see soon) and in the end i will attend at a fashion event finally in my town Thessaloniki. I said finally because i can go at last. I am not working or anything.I am free to go! Yay! The event will take place at the biggest mall of the city,Mediterranean Cosmos.I arranged to go with a lovely lady and a fashion vlogger from Dressing Room.The adorable Fotini ,and this time i definitely know what to wear!A bold suit with leopard sneakers♡♡♡♡♡.An outfit i am gonna show you sometime soon i hope,more detailed!

See you there!

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