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Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα fashionblogger. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων

20 Μαρτίου 2016


HAPPY SPRING EVERYBODY!Spring is just my favourite time of the year like fall.Not too cold nor too hot,just puuurfect.The sun is shining,the day is longer.It helps a lot for blogging too of course.Better than chasing the sun everytime during winter or being cold or bad lighting et cetera et cetera.So yeah i can say that i am pretty excited.And lets not forget.New clothes huuuh? :P
How are you guys?I am trying to come around since last night.After work i got ready and met my bffs downtown.We had such an amazing time and what's a better proof from the huuuge hangover today and snapchat?!I am going back to continue my lazy sunday by watching another GG episode.If i don't see this series once a year something gets to me.The funny thing is every time is like a new one with the same agony what happens next.Haha.See you soon guys.Hugs!Xx

//ΧΑΡΟΥΜΕΝΗ ΑΝΟΙΞΗ ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ!Η ανοιξη ειναι απλα η αγαπημενη μου εποχη μαζι με το φθινοπωρο.Ουτε υπερβολικο κρυο,ουτε ζεστη.Ο ηλιος λαμπει,η μερα μεγαλωνει.Βοηθαει αρκετα και για το μπλογκινγκ.Καλυτερο απο το να κυνηγας τον ηλιο καθε φορα,η να εχει υπερβολικο κρυο,κακο φωτισμο κλπ.Οποτε ναι μπορω να πω πως ειμαι πολυ ενθουσιασμενη.Και μη ξεχναμε.Νεα ρουχα εεεεε? :P
Σημερα προσπαθω να συνελθω απο χτες το βραδυ.Χτες αμεσως μετα τη δουλεια πηγα να βρω τους κολλητους μου στο κεντρο.Περασαμε απλα υπεροχα.Αποδειξη το τεραστιο σημερινο χανγκοβερ και το snapchat?!Χαχα.Παω να συνεχισω την χαλαρη Κυριακη μου με αλλο ενα επεισοδιο GG.Αν δεν το δω μια φορα το χρονο κατι με πιανει.Και το παραξενο ειναι πως καθε φορα εχω την ιδια αγωνια!Xαχα.Φιλια σε ολους!Xx

23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015


Banana playsuit:Dresslink(HERE),Midi skirt:AxParis,Hat:Sneakaces,Sunglasses:ZeroUV

Hey guys?How are you?I've been better to say the truth. Trying to keep my mind busy with several stuff like going out with friends,studying and attending pilates!So this is me the other day when i went for a walk with friends at the north uptown side of the city. It's so beautiful there.The view,the houses.If only graffiti were forbidden this place would be a hundred times better.. We sat at a really beautiful vintage terrace called the little big house. I really want to go again sometime. It's so pretty!The banana backless top you see me wearing here it's actually a playsuit. I didn't feel that day like wearing something so short so i wore it as a top with a midi high waist skirt and the result tres fantastic!Hope you like!See you soon i hope with a much more Autumn outfit?!If the weather demands it.Hugs!Xx <3

//Γεια σας παιδια!Ελπιζω να ειστε καλα.Εγω προσωπικα ημουν και καλυτερα για να πω την αληθεια..Προσπαθω να κρατησω το μυαλο μου απασχολημενο με διαφορα πραγματα οπως να βγαινω εξω με φιλους,να διαβαζω και να κανω πιλατες! Αυτα φορουσα λοιπον τις προαλλες που πηγα μια βολτα στην ανω πολη και στα καστρα. Ειναι τοσο ομορφα εκει. Η θεα,τα γραφικα σπιτακια και τα πλακοστρωτα δρομακια. Αν δεν υπηρχαν τα γκραφιτι αυτο το μερος θα ηταν εκατονταδες φορες πιο ομορφο.. Καθισαμε σε μια τελεια vintage σε στυλ ταρατσα που λεγεται the little big house. Θελω να παω ξανα καποια στιγμη ειναι τοσο ομορφα. Το μπλουζακι που με βλεπετε να φοραω εδω,δεν ειναι μπλουζακι αλλα φορμα. Απλα δεν ενιωθα πως ηθελα να φορεσω κατι τοσο κοντο εκεινη τη μερα οποτε το φορεσα σαν μπλουζακι απο μεσα με μια midi pencil φουστα και το αποτελεσμα με δικαιωσε!Εσας σας αρεσει?Τα λεμε συντομα με ενα πιο Φθινοπωρινο outfit?!Αν το επιτρεψει και ο καιρος?!Φιλακια!Xx <3

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

27 Νοεμβρίου 2014


Hello guys! So this is an HQ selfie from my mirror! Haha. i also managed to get myself sick.In the beginning i had a sore throat and ,later a little fever!? I hope to get well soon cause i hate being sick.Besides working, i want to shoot an outfit soon as well. Goodnight guys and don't forget to take part at the amazing giveaway below.

//Γεια σας!Αυτη λοιπον ειναι μια selfie υψηλης αναλυσης!?Χαχα. Καταφερα να αρρωστησω που λετε...Στην αρχη ειχα πονολαιμο και αργοτερα λιγο πυρετο!? Ελπιζω να γινω καλα συντομα γιατι δεν αντεχω να ειμαι αρρωστη.Εκτος του οτι θα δουλευω αυτες τις μερες, θελω επισης να βγαλω φωτογραφιες για καινουριο ποστ.Ειναι κριμα να πηγαινουν τοσες ιδεες τζαμπα δε νομιζετε?Καληνυχτα και μην ξεχασετε να παρετε μερος στο απιστευτο giveaway απο κατω.

7 Νοεμβρίου 2014


Another change οn the blog i've been longing to for so god damn long!!!My url looked so big and so unprofessional in my opinion with the blogspot.com thing so i just wanted to take it one step further. 
Christy and the city went. .COM! 
I am so happyyyyyy!
Do you like the changes?Answer me below!
Oh furthermore i lost my comments and likes also but i don't know why maybe because of the change... 
Has something like that happened to you?

21 Ιουλίου 2014


I have to admit. I've always been curious about trying this product in particular but now i am double excited cause i am doing it for a review too! And i swear to tell nothing but the truth, amen! 3 days ago a bottle of collagen pro-active arrived at my doorstep. At a first look i saw a nice bottle which is nothing than a multivitamin supplement which mean no harm but will it do any good?Let's see in a few weeks!

3 Ιουλίου 2014


Addicted indeed! Because despite how many colours i'll try on black will always be my favourite one. Here i am sporting also the old/new transparent trend. Remember? It was in fashion about 2 years ago and now it's back again. Not in the provocative Rihanna way of course. Thank god my black transparent shirt has front pockets! Haha! I will leave you now cause i am really tired but first i have to watch the new PLL episode!
 No spoilers please.
I hope you like!

I'm Wearing:
Transparent shirt: Bershka
Leather skirt: Zara
Studded Ballerinas:Bershka
Mid Rings:E-Bay
Eyewear:Ray-Ban (Here)
Shoulder bag:Chanel 
Bracelet:Tally Weijl

2 Μαΐου 2014


 Hey you guys! Happy May everyone!This time i am featuring a sporty chic dress from forebelle.com .A dress that can be worn in many ways. With high heels or flats whatever you like.  I chose this way and i'll show you the others sometime in the future i guess. It's the perfect dress for this weather that is not too cold or hot.


I'm wearing:


High Heels:Bershka

Back pack:H&M

14 Μαρτίου 2014


Another black on black outfit. What can i say? It's the chic-est and safest trend of the season and it keeps going on spring too! You can also conbine this look with sneakers or high heels whatever you want.Don't overdo it with accessories though because it's black. Some golden accessories will do it.Notice the necklace i am wearing and the rings.I hope you like.XoXo

I'm wearing
Shoulder bag:Chanel
Ankle boots:Tally weijl

12 Μαρτίου 2014


2 days ago i gave a really fun interview for just my way  . 

Special thanks to Chris Kirlias.

Read it all here!


17 Φεβρουαρίου 2014


Lately the rooftop of my building became my favourite photoshooting spot! I can't help it though the sun sets
 still very early and the time is limited. But that's not the only reason this is my favourite outdor photoshooting studio lately, it also has a great white wall that is ideal for amazing photos! So this was my outfit for today when i was for coffee and a little shopping. You know what to doooo...!
If you like this outfit,like comment&share!

I'm wearing:
Big Denim Vest:Pull&Bear Men's department (new in)
Statement necklace:Zara
Maxi skirt with splits:Bershka
Ankle boots:Fashion Mark