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December 1, 2017


Hello ladies and gents.I hope everything is good and also Happy December y'all!So i decided to finally make a giveaway on my instagram account and many more to come.Why on instagram?Because it's easier but practically speaking you have to own an instagram account or to make one?You decide.So click on the link to follow the steps.So simple!Contest ends on December 4th and also that day i will annouce the lucky winner.GOOD LUCK BABES!Hugs!

 //Αγαπημενοι μου!Ελπιζω ολα να ειναι καλα και καλο μηνα!25 μέρες για την γιορτη μου,ε τα Χριστουγεννα.Αποφασισα λοιπον να σας δωσω ενα ομορφο δωρο που με ανεχεστε τοσο καιρο και αυτο ειναι μονο η αρχη.Giveaway λοιπον στον λογαριασμο μου στο instagram!Γιατι στο instagram,γιατι ειναι ευκολοτερο οπως και ειναι πολλοι απο εσας εκει.Τα βηματα ειναι πανευκολα.Καντε κλικ στο λινκ απο πανω για να τα δειτε και να παρετε μερος.Ευτυχως η δυστυχως πρεπει να εχεις λογαριασμο στο instagram,οποτε αν έχετε η σκεφτεστε να κανετε ειναι δικη σας επιλογη.Ο διαγωνισμος ληγει οπως και ο νικητης θα ανακοινωθει στις 4 Δεκεμβριου.ΚΑΛΗ ΕΠΙΤΥΧΙΑ και τα λεμε συντομα.Σας φιλω!

January 11, 2016


Hello babes!I thought that it's been a long time since i've done a giveaway for you so what's the better time to do so since the beginning of a new year?Right?So here it is!Instead of keeping this pair of sunglasses for myself i thought to give it as a present to you my dear beloved ones.As you can see this pair of sunglasses is brand new!They still have the label on them and they belong to the company zeroUV from sunny California.The steps are quite simple.

1.Like christy and the city on Facebook
2.Share contest photo on facebook (share must be public)
3.Follow me on Bloglovin'


//Γεια σας αγαπες μου!Περασε αρκετος καιρος απο τον τελευταιο μου giveaway/διαγωνισμο,αλλα καμια δεν ειναι η καλυτερη στιγμη για δωρακι απο την αρχη του νεου ετους!Ειδικα οταν προκειται για γυαλια ηλιου ενω ολοι ξερουμε πως οι αλκυονιδες μερες ειναι προ των πυλων! ;) Αντι να κρατησω λοιπον αυτο το ζευγαρι γυαλιων ηλιου για τον εαυτο μου,αποφασισα να τα δωρισω σε εσας.Οπως βλεπετε ειναι ολοκαινουρια,με το καρτελακι τους και ανηκουν στην εταιρεια zeroUV απο την ηλιολουστη Καλιφορνια.Τα βηματα ειναι αρκετα απλα.

1.Καντε like στη σελιδα μου στο Facebook.
2.Καντε share τη φωτογραφια του διαγωνισμου(η κοινοποιηση πρεπει να ειναι δημοσια)
3.Ακολουθηστε το blog μου στο Bloglovin'


The contest is international and ends on January 25th at 23.59
//Ο διαγωνισμος τελειωνει στις 25 Ιανουαριου στις 23:59

November 24, 2014


I am so exciteeeed i am droooling all over the flooor!No, wait that's for my turkey sandwich!Haha!I really can't hold myself!Am i Santa Claus or what? It's the second giveaway guys in a month can you believe it?But Christmas is coming so what the hell?Let's do this!This time i am gonna give you away this amazing midi and soooo in fashion butterfly bodycon dress in collaboration with shop art becomes you. a U.K based online shop which i came to love.The rules are easy as always.All you have to do is follow the first two rules (liking christy and the city and shop art becomes you on facebook).Everything else is optional, but will give you extra entries for a chance to make this fabulous dress yours.The giveaway ends on December 8th.GOOD LUCK!

//Ειμαι παρα πολυ ενθουσιασμενη!!!Ειναι ο δευτερος giveaway/διαγωνισμος μεσα σε ενα μηνα!Δεν μπορω να το πιστεψω ακομη.Απο εκει που δεν εκανα κανεναν τωρα εκανα δυο συνεχομενους!χαχα!Αλλα ερχονται Χριστουγεννα οποτε ειπα να μπω σε mood και ρολο Αγιου Βασιλη!Aυτη τη φορα θα σας κανω δωρο αυτο το πανεμορφο midi φορεμα με butterfly print σε συνεργασια με το shop art becomes you. Online shop με βαση την Αγγλια. Το μονο που εχετε να κανετε ειναι να ακολουθησετε τα πρωτα 2 βηματα τα οποια ειναι υποχρεωτικα (like στην σελιδα του christy and the city και shop art becomes you στο facebook).Όλα τα υπολοιπα ειναι προαιρετικα αλλα θα σας δωσουν εξτρα συμμετοχες αν αποφασισετε να τα ακολουθησετε.Ο Διαγωνισμος ληγει στις 8 Δεκεμβριου!Καλη Tυχη!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 4, 2014


Hello friends! Guess WHAT! It's time for a new GIVEAWAY.Yayyy! I am so excited cause this time is in collaboration with Mum's handmade and the reason i am even more excited is that i am gonna give you something that you can actually USE during the cold upcoming Winter!
So i am double excited! The gift is this amazing grey set! Beanie and scarf!
I must inform you that the pom poms are adjustable!What i mean?You can take off the white pom pom and wear the grey,whatever you want!All grey beanie or with a white pom pom!Haha!
So clever in my opinion! So, what are you waiting FOR?
All you have to do is like Christy and the city and Mum's page on FB!Those are the first two rules and are mandatory to unlock the third rule which is sharing on Facebook which is optional but you can do it once a day until the giveaway ends which is giving you more entries and a bigger chance to win this amazing set!


October 24, 2014


Me and Lia having a hot cup of coffee this afternoon.I really can't get out of my #IvyRevel kingston grey sweater!So cozy and warm!I wore it differently today, i will show you how on my blog of course!

Hello friends how are you? I feel great,home just spending some time with friends before going to Alexandroupoli on Sunday to see my boyfriend.I can't wait!I just miss him so bad!I've been working the whole month 2 to 3 times per week and i didn't want to go only for 3 days.Tomorrow is the last day of me working on a project so i am so glad that i will get to see him finally!I am so happyyyy!Now i am hanging out with my bffs Konstantinos and Lia!They are making pop-corn in my kitchen and we are gonna watch a horror movie!Hell yes!Have an amazing Weekend and tune in cause many posts are coming along with a truly cozy giveaway.It's getting cold out there and i don't want any of my readers to get sick!

September 13, 2014


You know that i am a hippe deep down don't you? This outfit screams Christy from far cause boho chic is totally my style for a long time.
Headband,round sunglasses,lace dress and camel ankle boots.
Nothing more,nothing less!
The best part is that you get to WIN this amazing lace dress!


1.Like Christy and the city on Facebook
2.Comment & Share the giveaway picture 
The big winner will be announced on September 27th.
G O O D    L U C K!!!

I'm wearing:
Lace dress:Milanoo (HERE)
Camel ankle boots:Bershka

Photos:Konstantinos Tolis