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June 2, 2014


Hello everyone. Happy month too! Summer is finally here even if it doesn't feel like it quite yet! Apart from the exam period it was windy like hell today. Oh Well! Great chance for me though because i wore my new navy cropped top . It has long sleeves so it makes an ideal choice for the chilly Summer days and nights!
I hope you like!

I'm wearing:
Navy long sleeved cropped top:Mymoo (here)
High waist shorts:Levi's
Cut out ankle boots:H&M  

June 16, 2013

Hot in herre.

So hot in the city.You really don't know what to wear.Something ethereal is a damn good idea.I dressed up like this,simple but still!And it's just the beginning of Summer!
Oh mon dieu!

Cat eye sunnies:H&M (hennesandmauritz)
High waist shorts:Holy moustache vintage culture
Flip flops:Replay

May 31, 2012

Οk φιλε! Με σκλαβωσες με αυτο το tweet!

Πες τα ρε Λεωνιδα ! Αντε γιατι! :)
Best tweet almost...EVER!

Για την ακριβεια εψαχνα πανω απο 2 χρονια αλλα i could find one nowhere και πλεον αρχιζει και γινεται σουπα.


Και θυμαμαι που μου ειχες πει σε status μου στο facebook, οταν εψαχνα να παω απο την Αμερικανικη αγορα αλλα δεν ηξερα ΚΑΝ που ειναι!
Τωρα εκλεισε απο οτι μου ειπαν! Αλλα πλεον πιστευω πως ειναι κακο που υπαρχουν παντου αλλα μου αρεσουν τα ατιμα!

April 25, 2012

Cause U & I,we were born to die...

Ψηλομεσα shorts again this Spring/Summer! 
Tee: H&M,Shorts:Vintage/Holy Moustache,Shoes:All Star/Converse,Jacket:Bershka

January 27, 2012

High waist fetish