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June 13, 2014


Rise and shine hunnies! Friday is here! I know what you are thinking! Beaching or pooling (as i like to name it) , relax and tan! Woah,that rhymed! Haha! The day before yesterday i received this beautiful handmade bracelet from Maesa Morado. I know what you'll think that i am not a jewelry kind of a person and you are right i am not, but when it comes to such an amazing work i can't say no! I just love Maesa Morado's designs because they are made in a way that can boost even the most simple outfit. 

Thumbs up!

I'm wearing:The Linen Sense Bracelet (here)

March 4, 2014


When postman comes with stuff i swear he looks a lot like Santa!
Today the bag of my dreams found its way home at last!
In black of course❤
Cut me a little loose if you see me wearing it all the time!
Can't help it!

January 30, 2014


Best jacket ever!!! It saved me those cold and windy days.The title is AVIATOR, cause this is the jacket that aviators used to wear not from Di Caprio's movie! hehe! You can also see me here wearing my new high heeled cut out ankle boots which i showed you in the preview post.
I hope you like the outfit!

Aviator jacket:Tally weijl(Rome)
Leather pants:Zara
Heeled cut out ankle boots:Stradivarius (new in)
Black cat necklace:Pull&Bear(new in)
Rings:E-bay (new in)
Shoulder bag:Carpisa

January 24, 2014


One of my favourite boughts lately is this aviator jacket i got from Rome. I wanted a jacket like this for a while now aaand here it is! ^_^ Notice that i wanted it in black not beige. 
So cozy and warm thanks to the sheepskin inside. You will  be able to get a better look of it at some of my outfits soon. Goodnight! I am going to get ready now cause it's gonna be a long night! 
P.S:I hope you like better the new appearence of my blog now.It's the second time i change it in a week and i don't think it will be another for now? heheh

From Tally Weijl/Rome