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November 13, 2014


Those days remind me so much of the first day me and Anestis spent in Rome. I crave so much these days now that the weather is cloudy and gloomy. This town is so creepy when it's dark but also beautiful in a mysterious kind of way which is exactly what makes it so unique.These pictures were taken by Anestis from his iphone5.Sometimes a good angle is all you need huh? Unfortunately we didn't take the camera with us but sometime in the future i definitely will somewhere hidden of course.There is nothing more that i hate when people know i'm a tourist and want to get advantage of me.

  1. Tevere
  2. Pantheon
  3. Piazza Vittorio
  4. Tevere

November 3, 2014


This amazing view...It was so cloudy on that day,rainy and so fucking cold!I took this photo from my camera when we made a stop at Kavala.Mountains coming out of the clouds and mist!
After this photo my battery died but one photo was more than enough to capture the magic!
Amazing view huh?
Goodnight my loves

February 12, 2014


How? Of course through photography. It needs only a click to capture that exact moment. That's how you stop time. You will never get to be younger or older from the second you shoot a picture and i think that's the magic of it and that's why you gotta love photography.
These are some pictures i took when i was at Rome.