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September 21, 2016


 Eyewear:L.G.R,Denim,Top:Zara,Skirt:Stradivarius,Shoes:Nike Airforce,Bag:Chanel 2.55

I know EXACTLY what you're gonna say...That's one really really ripped jacket!!!I know but i like it.So we are wearing ripped trousers why not jackets?I could easily order a non ripped one but i really liked it when i saw it online and when i wore it even more!It is also perfect for this time of the year.You can't get too cold nor too hot if you know what i mean(hello holes!) haha.See you soon babes!Hugs!Xx

//Ξερω ακριβως τι σκεφτεστε...Αυτο ειναι ενα υπερβολικα σκισμενο jacket!!!To ξερω αλλα μου αρεσει αλλιως δε θα το ειχα παραγγειλει προφανως!Φοραμε σκισμενα τζιν παντελονια ολη την ωρα γιατι οχι και μπουφαν?Το συγκεκριμενο ομως το βρηκα ακρως ιδιεταιρο οταν το ειδα online και πιο πολυ οταν το φορεσα!Ειναι επισης καταλληλο και για την εποχη που διανυουμε δε μπορεις να κρυωσεις ουτε να ζεσταθεις υπερβολικα,σωστα? (βλεπε τρυπες!)χαχα.Τα λεμε συντομα αγαπημενοι μου!Φιλια!Xx

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

July 25, 2015


Hey guys! Have you noticed the changes on my blog? I've changed the header/title photo,the about me and the title font above the posts. I can say that i like my blog even more now. No? One reason that i decided to go for a change was the wintery title photo with the beanie in the middle of the Summer. I like to make the changes myself .I've noticed that many fashion blogs are pretty much the same and i kinda try to avoid that! So this is the outfit i shot with Anestis one day before he went back to Alexandroupoli,i will go soon though! We also shot an experimental outfit video as i decided to start uploading some on my youtube channel but i haven't edit it yet. Any easy video editor ideas except from movie maker? Let me know below!  XoXo :*

//Γεια σας!Εσεις προσεξατε τις αλλαγες που εκανα στο blog?Τι οχι?Αλλαξα τον τιτλο,το about me,και την γραμματοσειρα των τιτλων των αναρτησεων. Μπορω να πω πως τωρα το blog μου αρεσει πιο πολυ απο ποτε! Ενας λογος που αποφασισα να κανω μια αλλαγη ηταν το τερμα χειμωνιατικο look του τιτλου το κατακαλοκαιρο. Δεν εχει πολυ καιρο που αλλαξε αλλα με ενοχλουσε. Μαρεσει ομως να κανω τις αλλαγες μονη μου. Εχω προσεξει πως πολλα fashion blogs ειναι πανω κατω τα ιδια και ειναι κατι που προσπαθω να αποφυγω! Αυτο λοιπον το look το βγαλαμε με τον Ανεστη μια μερα πριν φυγει πισω στην Αλεξανδρουπολη,οπου θα παω και εγω αρκετα συντομα! Βγαλαμε επισης και βιντεο του συγκεκριμενου outfit.Πειραματικο βεβαια εφοσον αποφασισα να αρχισω να ανεβαζω μερικα στο καναλι μου στο youtube αλλα ακομα δεν το εχω επεξεργαστει. Κανενα ευκολο προγραμμα επεξεργασιας εκτος απο το movie maker?Αφηστε μου σχολιο απο κατω! XoXo :*

Floral Bralet:Stradivarius

Photos:Anestis Kiosses

August 14, 2014


I remember that day. I remember me,my boyfriend and some friends sitting by the pool on a really hot day like this one.Unfortunatelly i didn't get to enjoy a nice swim on that day... On the other hand i didn't want to waist all the time being there so i gathered all the strength i had left and shot some pictures.I wouldn't leave a place like this go to waist!So voilaI hope you like!XoXo.

I'm wearing:
High waist shorts:Levi's
Photos:Anestis Kiosses

June 11, 2014


To achieve the best everyday looks you don't need to put too much effort as long as you play with the best pieces in your wardrobe.

Here comes  my favourite style of shoe lately, the slip ons which i mixed with my chanel bag and a simple yet amazing slogan t-shirt.
Slogan t-shirts are so in this season more than ever. Wear something that express you and walk in it proudly.
Like me in this mymoo t-shirt. Hey, who doesn't like weekends after all?
I hope you like!

I'm wearing:

T-shirt:Mymoo (here)
Ripped jeans:BSB
Slip ons:Tally Weijl

March 23, 2014


Trench coats are back really dynamically this Spring.  So ease and elegant and i couldn't be more excited about this trend. 

I'm wearing:
Trench Coat:Stradivvarius
Loose shirt:Stradivarius
Boyfriend jeans:Zara
Sneakers:Converse/All Star
Shoulder bag:Chanel

January 14, 2014


Hello guys how are you?  I am fine. Better than fine actually. I can't wait for January 16th to come cause i am flying to Rome with my boyfriend! We would go on last Christmas but i was really sick as i told you so we cancelled it.
Did you notice the change on my blog? I think it's better than before. More minimal.
What do you think? Let me know!

Here i'm wearing:
Jeans:BSB ripped by my Bff Konstantinos
Sneakers:All Star/Converse