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June 19, 2018


 Real me and Instagram me 😂

So where else would i be taking selfies?Ringlight is a selfie saviour especially when you haven't bought the latest iphone version after two lost phones!Sorrry i ain't got money for that right now.My little Iphone SE is doing it's job quite well until now but i will change it sometime in the near future.
So here i am at the #macnicopanda event that took place in my little hometown,thessaloniki.I may had been the girl with the least make up on her at that event along with my bff it felt so damn EMBARASSING, but you know that i am BASIC when it comes to make up.Less is more although i want to learn some tricks really really bad.

//Που αλλου θα εβγαζα σελφι?Το γνωστο σε ολους rignlight ειναι μεγαλος σωτηρας για να βγαλεις σελφι ειδικα οταν δεν εχεις την τελευταια εκδοση iphone οπως εγω και η αναλυση παιζει ρολο.Δεν εχω χρηματα αυτη τη στιγμη για πεταμα.Η μαλλον εχω απλα για αλλα πραγματα.Για δυο κινητα που εχω χασει (μου εχουν κλεψει) το μικρο μου iphone SE κανει τη δουλεια του μια χαρα μεχρι τωρα. 
Εδω ειμαι στο #macnicopanda event που εγινε εδω στη Θεσσαλονικη πριν 2-3 βδομαδες περιπου.Παιζει να ημουν η λιγοτερο βαμμενη στο ιβεντ μαζι με την κολλητη μου.Αληθεια ηταν ΝΤΡΟΠΙΑΣΤΙΚΟ αλλα ξερετε πως ειμαι ΒΑΣΙΚΙΑ στο μεικαπ.Βεβαια θα ηθελα να μαθω ενα-δυο κολπα σαν τρελη απο αυτα που σε κανουν θεαρα κοντουρινγκ,μπεικινγκ κλπ.Η αληθεια ειναι πως βαριεμαι.Γερασα και δεν εμαθα να βαφομαι!Ο γκοντ.

April 20, 2014


I don't understand how can it be that fun to take pictures of yourself?! I blame instagram for that addiction!Hi btw!Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had and still have an amazing Easter break. Today i ate so much i think i am gonna explode. I am also hangovered from last night and the combination is awful but i will survive. Been there done that!Haha! Anyway what i really want to tell you is that soon new looks are coming,new collaborations and generally new stuff so stay tuned.You see i wanna keep christy and the city evolving and i think lately i am doing a pretty good job thanks to some precious help. But, i need your support to do that and thanks so far. But still long way to go...