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December 17, 2018


Enjoying the beautiful view of  Sorrento

Sorrento (braces still on)

Selfie with the Bestie <3

Ok see this amazing picture at Positano right?I was scared to death but i wanted to shoot this exact picture maybe better,sooo much.Under this wall is a huuuuge motherfucking cliff and of course i am looking relaxed but i am not.My heart was pounding so fast.

Positano <3

Every time i visit Italy i want to go to a catholic church.I don't know i like it so much.The paintings the art the way catholic churches are made and so different from ours.This one was at Amalfi our last stop that day.

Taking a walk at Amalfi

This supposed t be the town of Amalfi made by someone i can't even remember and it's way old.

Food.Always.Fish <3 

The view from the Church.

Hey you guys how are you?Hope everything is Ok.This is the second part of my lovely second trip in Italy.I thought separating naples from the roadtrip we took at these places.If only my baterry didn't died every now and then i would have taken more for ya.
So we took one day off from Naples to visit all these places that were nearby by car of course.So what we did...We rent a car from a rent car agency.We were three so we paid 32 euro each for a whole day and we went literally everywhere.Amalfi coast was love <3 Especially positano. I would really like to go again sometime during Summertime for holidays.I hope you like the post.See you soon babes.Hugs <3

//Γεια σας τι μου κανετε?Ελπιζω ολα να ειναι καλα.Αυτο ειναι το δευτερο μερος απο το ταξιδι που εκανα προσφατα στη Ναπολη της Ιταλιας.Ειπα να διαχωρισω τη Ναπολη απο το ταξιδι με το αμαξι που καναμε μια ολοκληρη μερα.Πως το καναμε αυτο?Νοικιασαμς αμαξι απο μια εταιρεια εκει.Καναμε μια ερευνα αγορας πρωτα και καπως ετσι πηγαμε Πομπηια,Σορεντο,Ποζιτανο και Αμαλφι.Ανεβηκαμε και τον Βεζουβιο αλλα δε θα το συμπεριλαβω γιατι ειναι στη Ναπολη.Ημασταν 3 ατομα και για 24 ωρες που το ειχαμε νοικιασει μας βγηκε συνολικα 32 ευρω το ατομο και πηγαμε κυριολεκτικα παντου,οποτε συμφερει αρκετα.Απο ολα τα μερη που πηγαμε και θα ηθελα να ξαναεπισκεφτω ειναι φυσικα το Ποζιτανο hands down. <3 Θα ηθελα να παω καποια στιγμη για καλοκαιρινες διακοπες ομως. Ελπιζω να σας αρεσε το post τα λεμε συντομα αγαπημενοι μου. <3