Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα street fashion. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων
Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα street fashion. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων

3 Μαΐου 2016


Hello guys how are you?Hope you had a great Easter time.Of course and i am talking about the orthodox one because the catholic one ended weeks ago.I did.One problem though.I ate so fucking much i still can barely walk.I am trying though!Hehe.
This is another attempt of an outfit video.It looks like a blog trailer.I edit it myself but i had just a few scenes to match together,I think it looks ok don't you think?The video is from a past outfit(HERE) but today i thought to give it a go.Tell me know your opinion.Do you want more?Do you have any preferences?Leave your comments below and of course don't forget to subscribe to my channel cause i am new at this so i will need your support.Thank you guys!Love ya!Xx

//Γεια σας παιδια και Καλο Μηνα!Πως ειστε?Ελπιζω να περασατε ενα υπεροχο πασχα.Εγω περασα αν και εφαγα τοσο πολυ που μετα βιας περπαταω ακομη.Χεχε
Αυτη ειναι μια αλλη προσπαθεια για ενα outfit video.Το επεξεργαστηκα μονη μου αλλα δυστυχως ειχα λιγες σκηνες να ενωσω γι'αυτο και ειναι τοσο μικρο.Προσωπικα μου αρεσει μοιαζει με fashion trailer.Το βιντεο ειναι απο ενα προηγουμενο outfit(ΕΔΩ) αλλα μιας και ειχα το υλικο και εχω και απο αλλα,ειπα να κανω μια προσπαθεια.Εσας πως σας φανηκε?Σας αρεσε η οχι?Θελετε κατι πιο εξειδικευμενο?Εχετε καποια προτιμηση?Αφηστε μου τα σχολια σας απο κατω και φυσικα μη ξεχασετε να κανετε εγγραφη στο καναλι μου καθως ειμαι καινουρια σε αυτο και θα χρειαστω την στηριξη σας.Φιλια πολλα!Χx

14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015



Hello guys how are you? I am very busy still. But 10 days of exams left so yay!I just want to get over with all this and i mean uni.After that i will ask my professors to examine me on several lessons.Now that the weather gets colder is a lot easier to study.Other than that i will get back to my usual schedule .I will also start going more often at the gym. So much to do! Also i will go to a fashion show in September or October hopefully that has to do with hair if everything goes well to participate as a model.So these are maybe the last times you see me as a brunette?! To be honest i would love a lighter brown or a dark blonde with some highlights. Which hair color do you think will suit me more? Give me some ideas below. I also hope you like this outfit post which i shot with my bff Lia after an exam.Simple yet chic don't ya think?Hugs!Xx

//Γεια σας!Πως ειστε?Εγω ακομα πολυ απασχολημενη,αλλα ευτυχως 10 μερες εξεταστικης εχουν μεινει οποτε γέιιιι!!Πραγματικα θελω να τελειωνω με ολα αυτα και εννοω το πανεπιστημιο. Μετα την εξεταστικη παντως αυτο που σκεφτομαι ειναι να διαβαζω ενα μαθημα και να πηγαινω να με εξετασουν για να τελειωνω αφου δεν εχω να χασω κατι.Τωρα παντως που ολοενα κρυωνει και ο καιρος ειναι ευκολοτερο να συγκεντρωθεις και να διαβασεις. Εκτος αυτου θα επιστρεψω πισω στο συνηθισμενο μου προγραμμα και θα αρχισω και παλι εντατικα γυμναστηριο!Τοσα πολλα να κανω!Και κατι ακομα που δεν ξερω πολλες λεπτομερειες ακομη ειναι οτι θα παρω μερος σε ενα fashion show για μαλλια σαν μοντελο,οποτε ισως ειναι και οι τελευταιες φορες που με βλεπετε καστανη?! Θα δειξει. Ισως ενα ανοιχτο καστανο η ενα καστανοξανθο θα ηταν ιδανικη αλλαγη!Βεβαια ποιος βαφει ριζα μετα...Εσεις πιο χρωμα λετε οτι θα μου πηγαινε?Γραψτε μου απο κατω!Ελπιζω να σας αρεσε και το outfit το οποιο εβγαλα με τη Λια στα γρηγορα μετα τη σχολη!Απλο αλλα chic δεν νομιζετε?Να εχετε μια υπεροχη εβδομαδα!Φιλια!Xx

Photos:Lia Katrivanou

10 Οκτωβρίου 2014

CHIC 24/7

Thank god some time and some sun to shoot an outfit!Yahyyy!Sooo excited!Well i am working these days until Saturday night but you know what they say,"if you love something you find time" and i love my blog!I hope this would happen with the university too!Haha!So this is what i wore yesterday during a coffee i had with my bff  Kostas and before work.This outfit would go better with some black pumps but i chose not to exhaust myself before work..Think of it as a way to look chic 24/7 without heels and tired free!Take a good look at the scarf .A new trend for this A/W.
Wear this instead of your statement necklace,plus it will keep you warm!

I'm wearing:
Pencil Skirt:AX Paris(HERE)
Studded flats:Bershka
Bag:Chanel 2.55

Photos:Konstantinos Tolis

16 Αυγούστου 2014


Hello hunnies! I hope you had a nice time on August 15th. I had some family time yesterday. Not bad! I had lunch with my folks and after that we had a coffee altogether. I really enjoyed it i must say but this afternoon i have to attend a friend's pre-wedding celebration or something (not a bachelor)! I have no idea what to wear plus  it's hot to death outside so fingers crossed!I am sure i will find something proper to wear for this occasion.
I am leaving you with an outfit i took a couple days ago before having some coffee with a friend.

I'm wearing:
Top:Tally Weijl
Leather skirt:H&M
Slip ons:Tally Weijl
Shoulder bag:Chanel

Photos:Konstantinos Tolis

8 Μαΐου 2014


 I love love love love my new grey wrapped skirt. When i came acrossed it i couldn't help it but own it.So stylish and can be worn in many ways and occasions both dressed up or down. Just notice my shoes. A pair of flats tone the whole look down a bit.


I'm wearing

Leather studded jacket:Pull & Bear


Wrapped skirt:H&M

Studded ballerinas:Bershka


Shoulder bag:Chanel 2.55

8 Φεβρουαρίου 2014


Hello guys. How are you? I am home relaxing. This weather is only for movies and cuddles. I went for coffee earlier though with some friends. I hate the fact that i can't smoke inside the coffee shops anymore and i have to go all the way out. The funny thing is that smoking is only forbidden in coffee shops and not in clubs for the time being.Thank god! I don't smoke  that much but i have kinda combined those two,coffee and smoking or drinking and smoking and i become a little cranky when i can't. So this is what i wore today. A pair of loose floral pants,a cozy sweater the right accessories and voila!
I hope you like the post. Don't forget to take part at my giveaway and like,share,comment if you like the post.
 I am leaving you to eat some spaghetti with carbonara. NomNomNom!

I'm wearing:
Sweater:Stradivarius (New in)
Loose floral pants:Stradivarius (New in)
Cut out ankle boots:Stradivarius