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August 24, 2014


Hello guys! How are you! Just passed by to say hi! I just got back from the pool.This is a selfie i uploaded earlier on my instagram account with my good friend Kostas. Sorry for the quality of the photo but i rarely take  the camera with me. It's so dangerous but i promise soon a load of posts since i gave my two photographers a break...not! Haha! I am gonna make a post about my friend's wedding later but right now i've got to eat! I am so tired and hungry!
See you soon!

July 21, 2014


There! I decided to make a series of beach looks during Summer. Going to the beach or the pool is a routine during hot Summer days so why not spice it up a bit with some little details. So this is my yesterday's beach "outfit" as i like to call it. I chose to wear this amazing knit crop top instead of my regular bikini top.
It gives a huge romantic touch to the whole look and it suits amazingly your tanned skin.
 Luckily it's not transparent but you can change to your regular bikini later when you want to jump in the water.  
I hope you like!

P.S:Stupid high waist shorts lines! -.-

I'm wearing:

Crop top:Bershka
Bikini (bottom):Calzedonia
Bracelet:Maesa Morado

August 14, 2011

I hate my tanned body.

Γεια-ααα! Μολις γυρισα απο τη Θαλασσα οπου πηγα με την οικογενεια μετα απο πολυ καιρο. Δεν ηταν και ασχημα. Χμ. Anyway εχω αποφασισει. Οχι αλλη θαλασσα η πισινα για εμενα πλεον! Εχω μαυρισει υπερβολικα! Call me stupid αλλα μισω το χρωμα που εχω παρει! :( Θελω το φυσικο ασπρο χρωμα μου τωρα!!! Anyway, αρκετα σας επρηξα ακομα δεν ηρθα. Παω να κανω μπανιο! Have a nice afternoon everybody! :)