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January 20, 2015


Remember this post?I don't know about you but i remember it like it was yesterday,as it was one of the "firsts" HQ posts ever here on Christy and the city.Damn i love this photo..

December 22, 2014


Starting off the Christmas week with a throwback photo..

November 13, 2014


Those days remind me so much of the first day me and Anestis spent in Rome. I crave so much these days now that the weather is cloudy and gloomy. This town is so creepy when it's dark but also beautiful in a mysterious kind of way which is exactly what makes it so unique.These pictures were taken by Anestis from his iphone5.Sometimes a good angle is all you need huh? Unfortunately we didn't take the camera with us but sometime in the future i definitely will somewhere hidden of course.There is nothing more that i hate when people know i'm a tourist and want to get advantage of me.

  1. Tevere
  2. Pantheon
  3. Piazza Vittorio
  4. Tevere

October 29, 2014


Some of my first looks here on the blog.Not first-first but you know what i mean.When the blog started to take the form it has now with some professional high quality photos less than a year ago. Many changes occured since then and many will in the near future!
I feel so thankful because many amazing things happened in such a short notice and i hope for more to come!
If only i blogged like this earlier...